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- Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Jo Soo

+852 2846 5823 |

Read More

A Mother's Touch Ltd. - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Liz Purnell-Webb

+852 2851 9654 | |

At A Mother's Touch Ltd., we are dedicated to helping new, expectant and "actively trying" parents to find the support they need. We want to be your most trusted parenting resource, that's why we offer ... Read More

Abacare Financial & Insurance Services - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Primila Lalwani

+852 2895 4449 ext 225 | |

ABACARE GROUP LTD. INSURING YOUR FUTURE - We specialize in medical, critical illness, life, home and general insurance. Insurance is serious. It is about people, family, children, future and protection. Insurance protects against risks and ... Read More

Angela Cummins Ltd - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Angela Cummins

+852 2537 1373 | |

Angela Cummins is a Personal Development Coach and Asia Pacific's only qualified Visual Coding Displacement Technique therapist. VCDT is a fast and non-invasive way to cure all sorts of Phobias & Fears (such as fear ... Read More

Angels for Orphans Limited - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Suzanne Sadler

+852 3757 9524 | |

Angels for Orphans provides funding to improve children's lives worldwide. We believe that every child has a right to love, happiness, education, care, shelter, food, medicine, clothing and hope. Yet, sadly, thousands of children are ... Read More

Animal Talk Ltd - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Rosina Arquati

+852 6089 4727 | |

Rosina Arquati from Animal Talk Ltd is a natural animal communicator. She has made Hong Kong her home for the last 32 years, living with her husband, a veterinarian, and her 7 rescued dogs. She ... Read More

Annerley - maternity and early childhood - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Hulda Thorey

+852 6291 7400 | |

Pregnancy, birth and babies is what we are all about, says Hulda Thorey. Annerley maternity and early childhood professionals is a well established clinic, offering a wide range of services for pregnant women and young ... Read More

Ark Eden - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Jenny Quinton

+852 2984 8514 | |

Ark Eden is a Hong Kong based permaculture demonstration site and education centre offering environmental solutions-based workshops and Permaculture Design Certification. "We are training, leading research programmes and experimenting in the field of permaculture with ... Read More - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Mag Ma

+852 9163 2168 | |

Mag Ma is the founder of which helps people achieve their health goals naturally by establishing a daily routine of using Essential Oils. Most people think that essential oils smell good but don't know ... Read More Ltd - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Shyla Motwani

+852 9026 8000 | |

Shyla Motwani is the founder/owner of Ltd, an innovative e-retail concept, offering 'inspired luxury' to women. Bringing fresh perspectives through new talent in the design & fashion world, from New York to Paris, Hong ... Read More

Aware - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Tatiana Bellavita

+852 6473 9917 | |

aware prides itself in co-creating luxurious handmade scarves with the women of Northern Thailand,using only natural dyes and the purest natural ingredients ensuring that they are sustainable & eco-friendly. Each aware scarf is empowered with ... Read More

Best Music Academy - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Charliah Best

+852 6624 5155 | |

Currently, Best Music Academy offers lessons for Violin and Viola using the Suzuki Method, as well as a more traditional teaching method. Our highly trained and educated teacher has a well detailed musical background, along ... Read More

Bidi Consulting - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Barbara Dalle Pezze

+852 6797 7965 | |

Dr Barbara Dalle-Pezze is the founder of Bidi Consulting and at the core of Bidi Consulting is passion for people. Dr Barbara's goal is to help people fully develop their human potential and she works ... Read More

Body Boost - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Donna Searl

+852 9192 7269 | |

Party season is nearly upon us so join Donna's Zumba® Fitness Party and Boostcamp sessions for a fun, effective fitness program. Body Boost also teaches Zumba® Gold and ZumbAtomic® for kids! Body Boost deals with ... Read More

BodyTalk Life Therapy Co -    WIC Member

Contact Person: Angie Tourani

+852 2523 7121 | |

Angie Tourani is Hong Kong's only Advance Certified BodyTalk practitioner and instructor who teaches BodyTalk Access Seminars (simple, self-help programs), BodyTalk Fundamentals courses (to train to become a Certified BodyTalk practitioner) and MindScape Seminars (an ... Read More

Burnt Oringe Ltd - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Tarynn Hatton-Jones

+852 2592 6555 | |

Burnt Oringe fine bed linens are made from luxurious naturally organic fabrics. Once you've slept on the Mother Earth Range, you'll understand what the phrase "a good nights sleep" really means. Burnt Oringe's linen quality ... Read More

Cambridge Weight Plan HK - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Sarah Armstrong

+852 2525 7165 | |

Cambridge Weight Plan was developed in the early 1980s by Doctor Alan Howard, a research scientist at the University of Cambridge who developed an interest in overweight and obesity. It is a healthy alternative to ... Read More

Conduit Communications - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Katie McGregor

+852 2858 6751 | |

We are a Hong Kong-based marketing services agency specialising in inbound marketing: putting together engaging information about your business and making sure that it gets in front of your customers and potential customers through ... Read More

Dagadu Media - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Grace Lee

+852 8121 4298 |

We live in a new era of unmatched opportunity thanks to the power of the internet and social media. No longer do you need a huge budget to compete with the wealthy companies. Dagadu provides ... Read More

Didi's Jewellery - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Meera Daswani

+852 3114 7111 |

Read More

Dining Concepts - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Rosy Sekhri

+852 9662 1200 | |

Rosy Sekhri is from Dining Concepts, an exciting, progressive organization specializing in the development of high quality, fine dining experiences throughout Hong Kong and the region and with diversified businesses associated with the hospitality industry. The ... Read More

Dinner with Dorian - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Catherine Munkara-Kerr

+852 9038 0523 | |

Read More

doTerra - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Eve Chan

+852 6449 3455 | |

Eve Chan from doTERRA is committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil enhanced wellness products with the world. doTERRA�s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are 100% pure natural aromatic ... Read More

Dragon Law Ltd - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Karen Ng

+852 5239 4898 |

Read More

Due Maternity - United States   WIC Member

Contact Person: Jon Harb

+1 866 746 7383 |

Read More

Ella Cheong (Hong Kong & Beijing) - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Ella Cheong

+852 2810 0558 | |

Ella Cheong (Hong Kong & Beijing) specializes in intellectual property rights (Patents, Designs, Copyrights, Trade Marks, Trade Names and Domain Names) in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Our team comprises of highly qualified professionals, ... Read More

Giles Publications - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Freya Simpson Giles

+852 2815 9880 | |

Freya Simpson Giles is from Giles Publications, which is a boutique copywriting agency specialising in corporate communications. From proofreading a client letter to producing an annual report, no job is too large or too small. ... Read More

Glow with Ceri Silk - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Ceri Silk

+852 2525 5198 | |

Ceri Silk is one of Asia's most innovative therapists and consultants in skin care and cosmeceuticals. Trained in Europe in the latest technologies, she has set-up and run spas and academies around the world, and ... Read More

Glynis Stevens - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Glynis Stevens

+852 9095 8371 | |

Facilitator and mentor, Glynis supports clients to let it be, be the best they can be and enJOY life. She helps people move through change and challenges in life. People who may be experiencing significant stress. ... Read More

Golden Elements - China   WIC Member

Contact Person: Jill Lander

+852 9211 6258 | |

Due to years of experience and great success in the field of aligning personal space to the personal energy of her clients, Jill Lander of Golden Elements can offer you the most practical service in ... Read More

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