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Golden Vintage International Limited - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Carol Wing

+852 2808 1792 | |

Golden Vintage International Ltd is a unique, energetic, young company established in 2011 by Ms. Carol Wing, a passionate wine lover who believes that the "soul" of wine makers reflects the "quality" of wines, therefore ... Read More

Health & Pleasure Ltd - China   WIC Member

Contact Person: Marie-Louise Corompt

+86 150 1673 7743 |

Read More

HK Personal Trainer - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Carrie Leung

+852 9166 1702 | |

Carrie is a certified Personal Trainer that trains on your flexi time in flexi place. As a perfectionist, she has never stopped finding the balance of life. Think and act positive. People have been negligent ... Read More

hkgfm - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Jenny Lam

+852 6386 6006 | |

Read More

Hollywood Hair - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Rennie Fensham

+852 2861 9830 | |

Hollywood Hair Salon is owned by award-winning stylist and make-up artist Rennie Fensham, voted one of Hong Kong's Top Ten stylists by hair-trade magazine, Disconnect. US-trained Rennie has a glamorous background, having worked in the ... Read More

Hong Kong International Learning Academy (HKILA) - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Justine Barlow

+852 2416 3088 | |

Education specialist and trained children's counsellor Justine Barlow BSc, heads Hong Kong International Learning Academy. With a wealth of experience teaching in primary and secondary settings around the world, Justine is a passionate advocate for ... Read More

In Safe Hands - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Sue Beer

+852 9820 3363 | |

In Safe Hands is owned and managed by Sue Beer. In Safe Hands Maternity and Childcare Agency offers professional, experienced, reliable western maternity nurses, nannies and babysitters. They also run CPR courses and baby massage ... Read More

Institute for Humane Education - United States   WIC Member

Contact Person: Rosana Ng

+852 9466 4466 | |

Rosana is the organizer of "Global March for Lions - Hong Kong". When Rosana first learned about this event, the number of participating cities was 23, but today it had grown to 55! Hong Kong, ... Read More

JC Custom Legal Solutions - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Janice Chew

+852 9464 8193 | |

Custom Legal Solutions is a versatile consultancy that makes professional services accessible. We work with legal and business talents from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and China to offer custom solutions to the legal sector and ... Read More

JLL Int'l Properties Ltd - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Mei Wong

+852 3759 0918 | |

Mei Wong is the Regional Director & Head of International Residential Properties at Jones Lang LaSalle. She is in charge of overseas residential development and investment, residential development consultancy and residential project marketing. Read More

Kaos Ltd - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Minal Jain

+852 2952 2581 | |

What is one of the most important things that a business needs? What is your prospective client going to look at for more information after you have made your pitch? Your WEBSITE! Would you want ... Read More

Kash Events and Entertainment - China   WIC Member

Contact Person: Muskaan Samtani

+852 2376 0285 | |

At Kash Events and Entertainment, we see a world of inspiration: inspiration that can draw people together and set individuals apart; inspiration that stimulates new ideas and new ways of thinking; inspiration that can make ... Read More

Krstal Klear Image, Colour Me Beautiful - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Malini Hemlani

+852 6154 8084 | |

Malini is an Image Consultant at Colour Me Beautiful and believes that everyday you receive compliments about the way YOU look, rather than the clothes and Make up YOU wear. Malini is a Colour Stylist ... Read More

Life's A Breeze Ltd - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Jennifer McBride

+852 2572 4000 | |

Life's A Breeze was set up by Jennifer and her husband, Iain in 2004. After having spent 6 years in the Northern Territory in Australia and newly relocated to Hong Kong, they found it so ... Read More (HK) Ltd. - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Laura Quandel

+852 2559 5626 | |

Localiiz is a new lifestyle directory focusing on SME's in Hong Kong. The main goal at Localiiz is to produce a very extensive directory that encompasses the full spectrum of business segments in Hong ... Read More

LYV Hong Kong - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Lyndsey Boucherle

+852 9178 3196 | |

Looking to do something different for that upcoming birthday, hen night, engagement celebration, or just a day/evening out with friends? Or want to put together a unique promotional event to generate buzz for your small ... Read More

Maya Events Ltd - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Mireya Garcia

+852 2858 9987 | |

Maya Events Ltd organizes from large conferences and galas to crazy birthday parties, art exhibitions and small private functions, you name it, we have organized it. It doesn't matter where you are from, as long ... Read More

Mediative Ltd. - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Natalia Segura

+852 9021 2859 | |

At MEDIATIVE work is our hobby and our hobby is our work. We believe life is too short to be spent on jobs you do not like. And if you do what you love you ... Read More

Mountain High - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Julie Lewis

+852 9314 4526 | |

Julie Lewis from Mountain High is the founder of Mountain High, the Middle East & Asia�s top personal development company for women. Julie is a Sports Science Degree graduate, NLP Master, Power of Three Confidence ... Read More

My Friends Wardrobe - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Diane Venot-Chilewicz

+852 6462 6665 | |

My Friends Wardrobe is a young new company established this year in Hong Kong by Mrs Diane Venot-Chilewicz. Passionate about fashion, she believes that pre-loved trendy items should have an afterlife and she wants to ... Read More

MyLondonHome - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Natalie Pringle

+852 3978 5155 |

Read More

Nia Hong Kong - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Tracey Fenner

+852 6687 9703 | |

Are you looking for a fitness program that is different and lots of fun? Then Tracey Fenner from Nia Hong Kong, has the answer! Nia is a holistic fusion fitness, the ultimate East meets West ... Read More

Ozzie Cozzie Co - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Dori Dainton

+852 2810 1356 | |

Ozzie Cozzie Co is a swim and resort wear store that is open all year round. We have all that you may need for the whole family in one place, which makes it so easy. Wonderful ... Read More

Pathfinder Body & Mind Consultants (HK) Ltd. - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Emma Yu

+852 2838 3339 | |

Pathfinder Body & Mind Consultants was founded by a group of professionals; including education and developmental psychologist, counsellors, family therapist, occupational therapist and special needs teachers. We are dedicated to support and train students and ... Read More

Pink Cactus Juice - Australia   WIC Member

Contact Person: Roberta Barnett

+617 4154 8680 | |

Roberta is an Independent TriVita Affiliate who has recently launched her business - Pink Cactus Juice into Hong Kong with TriVita's wonderful Nopalea Wellness Drink. Nopalea is a natural anti-inflammatory juice that reduces pain and ... Read More

Roomin Shanghai - China   WIC Member

Contact Person: Julie Zhu

+86 21 5241 1236 |

Read More

Sacred World Journeys - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Jacqueline Muller

+852 2813 8513 | |

Caught in a rut? Feeling life holds more than you are getting? Emerging from tough times? Looking for a way forward? Want more choice? See the sites! Experience the energy! Transform! Rejuvenate and Renew! Regenerate! Sacred ... Read More

Sanskrit - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Komal Mirchandani

+852 9035 1158 | |

Sanskrit, the brainchild of Komal Mirchandani, believes in the ideology that Western knowledge combined with age-old, traditional Indian techniques, produces garments which are fresh and innovative while retaining their Indian charm. It's an elegant concoction ... Read More

Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Eve Roth Lindsay

+852 2522 2592 | |

Need a makeover or just a pick me up? New Yorker, Eve Roth Lindsay is a Fashion Designer, Image Consultant and Makeup Artist all rolled into one. Eve will show you the tips and tricks ... Read More

Sensational Baby - Hong Kong   WIC Member

Contact Person: Kathryn Eagle

+852 9665 4838 | |

Sensational Baby offers multi-sensory classes to babies, from six weeks to eighteen months old. Each session is filled with sense-building activities including baby massage, sign language and fabric play, song, movement and music. Babies also ... Read More

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