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Alison Price

+852 9782 4588 | |

Business Info: Join Hong Kong's fastest growing network for female entrepreneurs which reaches a network of 28,000, for as little as US$39 per month! Women in Charge is a unique team which helps market its members' businesses.

We also organize sell-out networking for women to meet, mix, mingle and do deals. If you haven't experienced the power of the WiC network, you're missing out! It's energy and power is fun and fabulous!

Perhaps you've been in business for a number of years, or maybe you're freshly minted and just launched. Either way, Women in Charge is the perfect platform for you!

Angela Cummins

+852 2537 1373 | |

Business Info: Angela Cummins is a Personal Development Coach and Asia Pacific's only qualified Visual Coding Displacement Technique therapist. VCDT is a fast and non-invasive way to cure all sorts of Phobias & Fears (such as fear of flying, heights, claustrophobia, public speaking) Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCDs), Addictions (including food addictions), certain Allergies, and other Emotional Issues caused by past distresses and traumas such as grieving, break-ups, PTSD, abuse or any other anguish such as uncontrollable worrying or guilty feelings that may be hindering your happiness today.
Angela works at The Sanctuary in Central.

Angie Tourani

+852 2523 7121 | |

Business Info: Angie Tourani is Hong Kong's only Advance Certified BodyTalk practitioner and instructor who teaches BodyTalk Access Seminars (simple, self-help programs), BodyTalk Fundamentals courses (to train to become a Certified BodyTalk practitioner) and MindScape Seminars (an excellent tool to sharpen your Mental power).

Angie practices from Intigerated Medicine Institute (IMI) Central and DB and has been successful in achieving lasting results with various health problem, such as anxiety, depression, learning disorders, health problems, etc.

Barbara Dalle Pezze

+852 6797 7965 | |

Business Info: Dr Barbara Dalle-Pezze is the founder of Bidi Consulting and at the core of Bidi Consulting is passion for people. Dr Barbara's goal is to help people fully develop their human potential and she works with both corporates and individuals, offering training courses and seminars on different subject areas such as Innovative Thinking, Relationship Building and Personal Growth for Business Growth. Bidi's approach is an integrated approach that takes into consideration all different aspects of yourself and your life, helping you to develop a whole and integrated well being.

Carol Wing

+852 2808 1792 | |

Business Info: Golden Vintage International Ltd is a unique, energetic, young company established in 2011 by Ms. Carol Wing, a passionate wine lover who believes that the "soul" of wine makers reflects the "quality" of wines, therefore she started up her new wine business. Her company is an exclusive importer of premium Italian and French boutique wines to Hong Kong, China and Macau. She has a strong mission to bring in good quality wines to the wine lovers and bring in new wine culture to the wine industry. Her philosophy of wine selection is "with heart, passion and consistency of high quality".

Caroline Rhodes

+852 2167 7305 | |

Business Info: Caroline combined 25+ years of experience in traditional and complimentary health care to create The Body Group. Services include: holistic physiotherapy,rehabilitation, massage and personal training for pain and dysfunction. Other services: allergy resolution, craniosacral therapy, EFT, and Yuen Method for trauma and any negative emotions. We are covered by medical insurance.

Carrie Leung

+852 9166 1702 | |

Business Info: Carrie is a certified Personal Trainer that trains on your flexi time in flexi place. As a perfectionist, she has never stopped finding the balance of life. Think and act positive. People have been negligent about their health because of modern technology and hectic work. Her mission is to transform you with a head to toe scientific fitness training program with motivation, from fat reduction, altering body composition to increasing lean body muscle mass.

Catherine Munkara-Kerr

+852 9038 0523 | |

Business Info:

Ceri Silk

+852 2525 5198 | |

Business Info: Ceri Silk is one of Asia's most innovative therapists and consultants in skin care and cosmeceuticals. Trained in Europe in the latest technologies, she has set-up and run spas and academies around the world, and is presently sought after throughout Asia as a specialist tutor. She is the owner and founder of 'Glow with Ceri Silk' Skincare & Light Therapy Centre, which specialises in the very latest the beauty industry has to offer. Ceri also brings an unquenchable style of youth and joy and declares beauty is much more than a skin treatment - it's a way of life.

Charliah Best

+852 6624 5155 | |

Business Info: Currently, Best Music Academy offers lessons for Violin and Viola using the Suzuki Method, as well as a more traditional teaching method.
Our highly trained and educated teacher has a well detailed musical background, along with a Post-Graduate degree in music performance.
No matter what age you or your child may be, we offer classes and lessons for every budding musician!

Denessa Chan

+852 2972 2899 | |

Business Info: Denessa works for St. David Property, a Hong Kong-based property investment company which focuses on central London and selected markets in Australia and the USA.

The company is part of a diversified property group that has been operating in Hong since 1992 and specialises in offering carefully selected opportunities that offer security and attractive investment returns. Such opportunities include residential properties, pre-developed land and care centres for complex needs patients

Clients may invest directly or through a private syndicate structure with investment investment levels start from US$10,000.

Diane Venot-Chilewicz

+852 6462 6665 | |

Business Info: My Friends Wardrobe is a young new company established this year in Hong Kong by Mrs Diane Venot-Chilewicz. Passionate about fashion, she believes that pre-loved trendy items should have an afterlife and she wants to help fashion addicts freshen up their wardrobe in the most eco-friendly way. is the trendiest online resale shop in HK. You can join the community for free and start to sell your fashionable and luxury items that you ever hardly wear, and buy some for the whole family at an affordable price. To guarantee the best selection, every item will be chosen and checked.

Donna Searl

+852 9192 7269 | |

Business Info: Party season is nearly upon us so join Donna's Zumba® Fitness Party and Boostcamp sessions for a fun, effective fitness program.
Body Boost also teaches Zumba® Gold and ZumbAtomic® for kids!

Body Boost deals with fitness for all levels for individuals, small groups and Corporations.
Choose from various times and locations around Hong Kong, private or public so you can pick a Zumba® fitness class or Boostcamp Session to suit your schedule.

Getting fit should also be fun so why not let Body Boost take care of your fitness needs while you enjoy having fun!

Donna Shepherd

+852 2422 0885 | |

Business Info: Wicka Designs are suppliers of quality outdoor furniture and accessories, providing European designs direct from our factories in Indonesia, at a fraction of the price of our competitors.
Our lifestyle and the climate in Hong Kong has prompted Donna to create a new company called DESIGNER DIRECT, a fashion agency focusing on importing Australian and New Zealand labels. Many global brands are also seeking representation!
Sizes that will fit both the expatriate and local markets. Fabrics that breathe and are forgiving. If you're a retailer wishing to capitalise on this exciting opportunity, then please log in to

Dori Dainton

+852 2810 1356 | |

Business Info: Ozzie Cozzie Co is a swim and resort wear store that is open all year round. We have all that you may need for the whole family in one place, which makes it so easy.
Wonderful brands from Australia, New Zealand & the US (Miraclesuits that make you look 10lbs lighter)!
All sizes, shapes and fits are available.
Our sales staff are very experienced, kind and helpful. We enjoy what we do.
We can't sell self esteem, but we do our best to help our customers find their own.

Eleni Wilson

+852 5368 0090 |

Business Info: TBA

Ella Cheong

+852 2810 0558 | |

Business Info: Ella Cheong (Hong Kong & Beijing) specializes in intellectual property rights (Patents, Designs, Copyrights, Trade Marks, Trade Names and Domain Names) in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Our team comprises of highly qualified professionals, including TM attorneys (HK, PRC, SG, US), and patent attorneys (PRC, HK, US), representing international, regional and local corporations in IP matters, providing prompt and commercially-sensible IP solutions at reasonable costs.

Emma Yu

+852 2838 3339 | |

Business Info: Pathfinder Body & Mind Consultants was founded by a group of professionals; including education and developmental psychologist, counsellors, family therapist, occupational therapist and special needs teachers. We are dedicated to support and train students and adults with learning issues by using professional intensive programmes and services. We are highly concerned with individual's mental health and we provide group & individual psychological services such as strategic play approaches, mindfulness program, counselling and family therapy for people of different age, sex and race. We also distribute education and cognitive skills training programs from the US and the UK.

Eve Roth Lindsay

+852 2522 2592 | |

Business Info: Need a makeover or just a pick me up? New Yorker, Eve Roth Lindsay is a Fashion Designer, Image Consultant and Makeup Artist all rolled into one. Eve will show you the tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling good in a fun, relaxed setting.

A love for helping men and women find their own sense of style is what defines Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful as one of the best image consultancies in Hong Kong.

As the Head Office of Colour Me Beautiful HK, Eve also trains new image consultants.

Eve Chan

+852 6449 3455 | |

Business Info: Eve Chan from doTERRA is committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil enhanced wellness products with the world.

doTERRA�s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are 100% pure natural aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants. They are free of contaminants such as pesticides and other chemical residues. doTERRA also teaches informed self-care alternatives and encourages people to take a proactive role in their medical care.

Freya Simpson Giles

+852 2815 9880 | |

Business Info: Freya Simpson Giles is from Giles Publications, which is a boutique copywriting agency specialising in corporate communications. From proofreading a client letter to producing an annual report, no job is too large or too small. Providing close, personalised care, we go out of our way to make sure clients get the results they want. The skills and experience of our team ensure we deliver clear, concise and persuasive communications, on time, every time. At Giles Publications, we always go the extra mile, doing whatever it takes to help you achieve your desired results.

Gillian Elsworth

+852 9604 6920 | |

Business Info: Gillian is a true professional with over 20 years experience in the Beauty Industry.A much sought after International trainer and consultant in the beauty Spa industry and has held trainings and workshops,teaching Spa staff in some of the top 5 star hotels/Spas in the world. In her beauty salon in Hong Kong she gives a great service with great value for money offering wonderful services using the latest technology,such as the Caci Ultimate non-surgical facelift and Skeyndor Nobel prize winning needle free "Mesotherapy".A true professional and passion about the Spa Industry makes Gillian one of the top leading beauty professionals.

Glynis Stevens

+852 9095 8371 | |

Business Info: Facilitator and mentor, Glynis supports clients to let it be, be the best they can be and enJOY life.

She helps people move through change and challenges in life. People who may be experiencing significant stress. People who feel pain, who no longer know their role in life.

Her focus is on helping you to see your strengths and challenges, to release anything that may be holding you back, so that you can then move forward knowing you have a purpose, you're not alone, so that you not only survive, you thrive!

Grace Lee

+852 8121 4298 |

Business Info: We live in a new era of unmatched opportunity thanks to the power of the internet and social media. No longer do you need a huge budget to compete with the wealthy companies. Dagadu provides online and offline marketing solutions made easy at affordable prices and we deliver fast turnaround times. We are based in Hong Kong and service clients globally from Hong Kong to Australia, U.K., Singapore and Thailand. Contact us to schedule your free 1-hour consultation to learn about how we can grow your business.

Helene Liu

+852 8208 2700 | |

Business Info: Helene Liu is an experienced NLP Trainer & Coach Trainer based in Hong Kong since 1990. She certifies people in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), NLP Coaching and Hypnosis.

She believes that most issues people encounter in their personal and professional lives stem from the most intangible dimension of the human element: thought.

The MasterMinds is a coaching and consulting group which mission is to assist individuals 'change their mind' to become more effective and congruent.

'The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not of nature, but of ourselves'.

Hulda Thorey

+852 6291 7400 | |

Business Info: Pregnancy, birth and babies is what we are all about, says Hulda Thorey. Annerley maternity and early childhood professionals is a well established clinic, offering a wide range of services for pregnant women and young families in Hong Kong. Antenatal classes, prenatal checkups, midwife care during labour,postnatal checkups and breastfeeding help - plus our centre where mother and baby groups, CPR and helpers classes are held.
And recently we just added acupuncture, osteopathy and 4D ultrasound for the family to our list of services.

Professional and personal, the Annerley experience is a unique one in Hong Kong.

Jacqueline Muller

+852 2813 8513 | |

Business Info: Caught in a rut? Feeling life holds more than you are getting? Emerging from tough times? Looking for a way forward? Want more choice? See the sites! Experience the energy! Transform! Rejuvenate and Renew! Regenerate!

Sacred World Journeys is a physical, emotional and spiritual travel to far away lands and to your innermost heart. Join Jacqueline Muller and travel in style to unforgettable places.

Janet Cribb

+852 3100 0101 | |

Business Info: is an international document registry.

This is where you store all the details of where your Wills and the documents covering your property, both at home and overseas, and your movable assets are kept. Our service provides you with peace of mind and convenience for your heirs.

Janice Chew

+852 9464 8193 | |

Business Info: Custom Legal Solutions is a versatile consultancy that makes professional services accessible. We work with legal and business talents from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and China to offer custom solutions to the legal sector and small businesses efficiently at competitive rates. From company set-up, legal documents drafting to intellectual property management and more, we are capable of connecting you with a broad network of local expertise and insiders familiar to the market or jurisdiction you are exploring. For any idea to collaborate on, write to us at or contact our Director Janice Chew at (852) 9464 8193.

Jennifer McBride

+852 2572 4000 | |

Business Info: Life's A Breeze was set up by Jennifer and her husband, Iain in 2004. After having spent 6 years in the Northern Territory in Australia and newly relocated to Hong Kong, they found it so hard to find nice ceiling fans....that was it. Located in Horizon Plaza we have a beautiful showroom with over 50 styles of working fans on display so that you can touch, see and feel the breeze. Desk, pedestal, wall, ceiling and mist fans all working so you can experience the breeze before you take it home. Great warranties and all the information you need.

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