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Meet a few Women in Charge

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Jenny Woolsey

+852 2544 5838 | |

Business Info: For over thirty years, Sutherland-Chan has been at the forefront of massage therapy in Canada. In 2005, the Sutherland-Chan Centre opened in Hong Kong, bringing with it unparalleled expertise, a caring approach and commitment to excellence.
The Hong Kong Centre expanded in 2010 to include Osteopathy and complementary therapies. Turn to our qualified therapists for tailor-made clinical massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, massage for rehabilitation, to soothe an infant, or simply to relax. Amongst many other complaints, Osteopaths can successfully treat sporting injuries, migraines, dehibilitatory diseases and postural problems.
English and Cantonese are spoken fluently.

Jenny Quinton

+852 2984 8514 | |

Business Info: Ark Eden is a Hong Kong based permaculture demonstration site and education centre offering environmental solutions-based workshops and Permaculture Design Certification. "We are training, leading research programmes and experimenting in the field of permaculture with schools, universities, institutions and corporations in Hong Kong and abroad," says founder and WIC member, Jenny Quinton. Ark Eden is a charity and operates from its own permaculture farm on Lantau Island, where all visitors are welcome to freely exchange ideas and practices about how to care for the earth and its people and to share equitably.

Jenny Lam

+852 6386 6006 | |

Business Info:

Jill Lander

+852 9211 6258 | |

Business Info: Due to years of experience and great success in the field of aligning personal space to the personal energy of her clients, Jill Lander of Golden Elements can offer you the most practical service in HK. Jill has lived in HK since the mid-seventies and has studied with the greatest and the best in the FENG SHUI world and continues to bring her clients continued success in their chosen field(s) through her sincere, passionate and unique dedication to enhance where you are today. Jill's consultations are tried and tested in many parts of Asia as well as Europe.

Jo Soo

+852 2846 5823 |

Business Info:

Jon Harb

+1 866 746 7383 |

Business Info:

Julie Lewis

+852 9314 4526 | |

Business Info: Julie Lewis from Mountain High is the founder of Mountain High, the Middle East & Asia�s top personal development company for women. Julie is a Sports Science Degree graduate, NLP Master, Power of Three Confidence Coach, inspirational speaker and author. A pioneer at heart, Julie is the first and only female in the Middle East & Asia to offer women the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone & unlock their true potential through adventure challenges, retreats and personal development programmes. Her thought provoking seminar series for women acts as a catalyst for positive change and gives women the courage and confidence to be the best they can be and have fun in the process.

Julie Zhu

+86 21 5241 1236 |

Business Info:

Juliet Li

+86 135 2461 7230 | |

Business Info: Based in Shanghai, provides exciting internship opportunities for young foreign students in China.

We have a professional team offering the best service you need in China. With its economy remaining strong, China has become a real focus for many multinational companies and is viewed as the next growth engine as the country's consumer market expands and become less price-sensitive. For that reason, knowing how to do business in one of the most significant centres of economic growth, being connected to China's business network and understanding the Chinese business culture are seen as invaluable skills.

Justine Barlow

+852 2416 3088 | |

Business Info: Education specialist and trained children's counsellor Justine Barlow BSc, heads Hong Kong International Learning Academy. With a wealth of experience teaching in primary and secondary settings around the world, Justine is a passionate advocate for an inclusive, tailor-made approach to children's academic development. HKILA offers a number of choices for full- and part-time tuition, enabling parents to select a curriculum that is right for their child. Whether parents are looking for a short-term solution whilst waiting for a school place, or whether they are looking for a more permanent, flexible education option in Hong Kong, HKILA can help.

Karen Ng

+852 5239 4898 |

Business Info:

Kathryn Eagle

+852 9665 4838 | |

Business Info: Sensational Baby offers multi-sensory classes to babies, from six weeks to eighteen months old. Each session is filled with sense-building activities including baby massage, sign language and fabric play, song, movement and music. Babies also explore the unique environment Sensational Baby provides. Each Sensational Baby location has captivating light shows, the floor is strewn with tactile fabrics, from twinkling sequins to furs, upon which lie an array of sensory toys and materials, enhancing baby's senses and fascination with the world. Additionally, time is set each session for parents to interact and mingle, or seek the guidance of Sensational Baby's experts.

Katie McGregor

+852 2858 6751 | |

Business Info: We are a Hong Kong-based marketing services agency specialising in inbound marketing: putting together engaging information about your business and making sure that it gets in front of your customers and potential customers through a range of marketing tools and activities:

- newsletters
- Facebook postings and other social media tools including Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+
- blog and website updates
- optimised websites for search engine visibility
- media coverage
- event organising, and
- brochures, flyers, banners.

The aim is to build trust in, and knowledge of your business through an ongoing relationship which drives sales.

Komal Mirchandani

+852 9035 1158 | |

Business Info: Sanskrit, the brainchild of Komal Mirchandani, believes in the ideology that Western knowledge combined with age-old, traditional Indian techniques, produces garments which are fresh and innovative while retaining their Indian charm.

It's an elegant concoction of legacy and innovation. Sanskrit is a rage amongst the party set and celebrities for exclusive pieces as it is store policy not to sell two identical garments.

Sanskrit also carries a large range of fashion accessories and has now
embarked into the world of bridal wear, blending Eastern and Western traditional designs to bring you wedding outfits never seen before.

Laura Quandel

+852 2559 5626 | |

Business Info: Localiiz is a new lifestyle directory focusing on SME's in Hong Kong. The main goal at Localiiz is to produce a very extensive directory that encompasses the full spectrum of business segments in Hong Kong. It's all about entrepreneurship, innovation, design, creativity, imagination, and passion. All with a personal touch.

Liz Purnell-Webb

+852 2851 9654 | |

Business Info: At A Mother's Touch Ltd., we are dedicated to helping new, expectant and "actively trying" parents to find the support they need. We want to be your most trusted parenting resource, that's why we offer physical, emotional, and practical support, tailored to your needs. Our mission is to help parents make the most of one of life's greatest experiences. We also want to be the ones you come back to with your questions and concerns. We know that no two pregnancies, births or babies are alike, and there are many different ways to approach a situation.

Lyndsey Boucherle

+852 9178 3196 | |

Business Info: Looking to do something different for that upcoming birthday, hen night, engagement celebration, or just a day/evening out with friends? Or want to put together a unique promotional event to generate buzz for your small business? LYV provides bespoke events/parties to exactly fit your needs. Centered around the philosophy of 'lyving life fully' LYV's commitment is providing the convenience and comfort of personally tailored service, unique and creative ideas and a platform for individuals and small businesses to 'LYV it up' and make the most of what Hong Kong has to offer.

Mag Ma

+852 9163 2168 | |

Business Info: Mag Ma is the founder of which helps people achieve their health goals naturally by establishing a daily routine of using Essential Oils. Most people think that essential oils smell good but don't know that CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils are "Living Medicine" 50-70 times more potent than dried herbs. Unlike drugs, they have no adverse side-effects, as they are completely natural "Plant Extracts" from Mother Nature. They see immediate relief of symptoms while strengthening the body system in the long run. CPTG Essential Oils have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee their purity, safety and potency.

Malini Hemlani

+852 6154 8084 | |

Business Info: Malini is an Image Consultant at Colour Me Beautiful and believes that everyday you receive compliments about the way YOU look, rather than the clothes and Make up YOU wear. Malini is a Colour Stylist and Make Up artiste. Malini does personal consultations and workshops on Colour Analysis, MakeUp, Teentastic Image.

Marie-Louise Corompt

+86 150 1673 7743 |

Business Info:

Mawgan Batt

+852 9220 1295 | |

Business Info: Mawgan runs the HK Hub, a one-stop-website for making moving to, settling into and enjoying life in Hong Kong easy and straightforward.

The Hub has broken down information into sections, so that users can quickly and easily find what's relevant to them.

There is a fabulous directory listing schools, playgroups, bars, restaurants, beaches, islands and more so that filling the diary is simple. Users can rate and review the listings to share their feedback and ensure that we only list the best Hong Kong has to offer!

To list your business, email

Meera Daswani

+852 3114 7111 |

Business Info:

Mei Wong

+852 3759 0918 | |

Business Info: Mei Wong is the Regional Director & Head of International Residential Properties at Jones Lang LaSalle. She is in charge of overseas residential development and investment, residential development consultancy and residential project marketing.

Michelle Tanmizi

+852 9616 8983 | |

Business Info: Michelle specialises in Executive and Leadership Coaching, Personal Life Counselling as well as Business Skills Trainings.

She works towards Conscious Work and Personal Life Management and Communication. Zama is all about Creating Consciousness in all areas of life!

Minal Jain

+852 2952 2581 | |

Business Info: What is one of the most important things that a business needs? What is your prospective client going to look at for more information after you have made your pitch? Your WEBSITE! Would you want your website to be attractive, informative and interactive? And what if it came with a programme from where you could update your website regularly, at no additional cost, and at your convenience? And what if you could store a database of all your clients, your products and services on this program? Perhaps an invoicing system within it as well? How about being able to access it anywhere in the world with an internet connection? And what if the above package came at competitive prices?

Mireya Garcia

+852 2858 9987 | |

Business Info: Maya Events Ltd organizes from large conferences and galas to crazy birthday parties, art exhibitions and small private functions, you name it, we have organized it. It doesn't matter where you are from, as long as you want to do something unique, we will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly and fits within your budget. Maya Events can help with your event from A-Z, but also if you need help in some specific areas only, such as hiring performers, design or dealing with production. All this with a smile and several good laughs along the way!

Muskaan Samtani

+852 2376 0285 | |

Business Info: At Kash Events and Entertainment, we see a world of inspiration: inspiration that can draw people together and set individuals apart; inspiration that stimulates new ideas and new ways of thinking; inspiration that can make the world a better place. These are the values that define everything we do. We connect artists, entertainers and motivational speakers from all over the world with audiences throughout Asia, exposing local communities to fresh insight and a whole new level of entertainment.

Please register at

Natalia Segura

+852 9021 2859 | |

Business Info: At MEDIATIVE work is our hobby and our hobby is our work. We believe life is too short to be spent on jobs you do not like. And if you do what you love you stand a better chance to do it well. Some say we are too passionate about photography and graphic design and they are right.
MEDIATIVE provides photography, branding and graphic design services - creating a brand associated with exceptional quality and service.
We are continuously identifying new methods to meet the challenges presented by the industry and, most importantly, the growing needs of our clients.

Natalie Pringle

+852 3978 5155 |

Business Info:

Nicky Inge

+852 3699 0611 | |

Business Info: Nicky Inge represents a unique company dedicated to the resurgence of youth and relaxation. SpaforLife is an integrated skincare company providing the most luxurious and technologically advanced skincare brands Environ, Visoanska and Sundari. In addition to being a skincare provider, SpaforLife has two luxury spas in the heart of the city; the Elemis Day Spa and the Beautiful Skin Centre; as well as the Victorian spa located in the six-star Disneyland hotel and resort. All these spas operate under the purpose of providing an unforgettable experience and evident results. Come see and feel the difference at SpaforLife.

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