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Glynis Stevens's Profile
NameGlynis Stevens
Personal InfoGlynis loves meeting people, enjoying good food and a glass of wine with friends, spending time in nature, and is passionate about travel.

She has travelled to Peru, Nepal, Myanmar, Tanzania, S Africa and many other places around the world. In the past year, she has taken an aerial flight to Antarctica, visited Norfolk Island in Australia, and attended a retreat in Brittany, as well as travelled home to Scotland.

Warm and friendly, she brings a sense of fun and light-heartedness wherever she goes.
CompanyFreedom Coaching
IndustryCoaching, Healing, Teaching
Business InfoFacilitator and mentor, Glynis founded Freedom Coaching with a view to inspiring clients around the world to a higher vision of who they are and who they can be.

Glynis facilitates change for those who are ready. She draws on her personal experience to share her journey on how to shine like a diamond and bring joy to others.

When you're ready to release old patterns, reconnect with your inner brilliance, and live your purpose, call Glynis.

Discover a new consciousness and transform your life.

You are so much more than you imagine!
AddressSuite 6 -01
150 Kennedy Road
Shiu Fai Terrace, Hong Kong
Work Number+852 9095 8371
Membership valid till2014-02-15
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