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Barbara Dalle Pezze's Profile
NameBarbara Dalle Pezze
Personal InfoDr. Barbara Dalle Pezze holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a Master in Counseling. She is actively researching in philosophy and therapeutic practice. Dr. Dalle Pezze is leader of the “Philosophy, Therapy, Medicine” Research Theme at the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), and Honorary Research Associate at the Center of Behavioral Health at HKU.

Her research interests are at the intersection between philosophy, therapy and medicine. Particularly Dr. Dalle Pezze is conducting a research on the nature of pain and suffering from both a theoretical and an experiential perspective.
CompanyBidi Consulting
Industry, ,
Business InfoDr Barbara Dalle-Pezze is the founder of Bidi Consulting and at the core of Bidi Consulting is passion for people. Dr Barbara's goal is to help people fully develop their human potential and she works with both corporates and individuals, offering training courses and seminars on different subject areas such as Innovative Thinking, Relationship Building and Personal Growth for Business Growth. Bidi's approach is an integrated approach that takes into consideration all different aspects of yourself and your life, helping you to develop a whole and integrated well being.
Address, Hong Kong
Work Number+852 6797 7965
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