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Tarynn Hatton-Jones's Profile
NameTarynn Hatton-Jones
Personal InfoTarynn Hatton-Jones is the Founder and Managing Director of Burnt Oringe Co. Ltd. She has lived, worked and travelled in and around Africa, Europe and Asia and spent a large portion of her working career in the Banking industry.

Tarynn is and always has been passionate about sleep, and has over the years become well versed in luxury fabrics and fibers. Over months of research, trials and testing, she has great pleasure in announcing that she has created a product that specializes not only in helping allergy prone clients manage their allergies through correct bedding but assists women in general, regardless of age, to sleep like a goddess!
CompanyBurnt Oringe Ltd
Industry, ,
Business InfoBurnt Oringe fine bed linens are made from luxurious naturally organic fabrics. Once you've slept on the Mother Earth Range, you'll understand what the phrase "a good nights sleep" really means.

Burnt Oringe's linen quality rivals that of the luxury department stores in Hong Kong, except with Burnt Oringe Linen, you don't require a second mortgage to enjoy it!

You too will become passionate about sleep!
Address, Hong Kong
Work Number+852 2592 6555
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