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Hulda Thorey's Profile
NameHulda Thorey
Personal InfoHulda Thorey, the founder and director of Annerley, is a recognised authority on childbirth, a registered HK midwife and mother of four children. Having worked and trained in her native Iceland before arriving in Hong Kong in 2001, Hulda�s outlook on childbirth and care is refreshing and forward thinking. Her warm and practical approach has made her support invaluable to many families for the delivery and care of their first, second or even third babies. She is also a guest lecturer at the HK School of Midwifery in the Prince of Wales Hospital and has a guest spot on RTHK.
CompanyAnnerley - maternity and early childhood
Industry, Maternity & Childcare, Breastfeeding
Business InfoPregnancy, birth and babies is what we are all about, says Hulda Thorey. Annerley maternity and early childhood professionals is a well established clinic, offering a wide range of services for pregnant women and young families in Hong Kong. Antenatal classes, prenatal checkups, midwife care during labour,postnatal checkups and breastfeeding help - plus our centre where mother and baby groups, CPR and helpers classes are held.
And recently we just added acupuncture, osteopathy and 4D ultrasound for the family to our list of services.

Professional and personal, the Annerley experience is a unique one in Hong Kong.

Address17 Floor, Tak Woo House
Wo On Lane
17 D'aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong
Work Number+852 6291 7400
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