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Sarah Armstrong's Profile
NameSarah Armstrong
Personal InfoSarah Armstrong has lived in Hong Kong for almost 30 years and worked as an ESF teacher for much of that time. A 'mid-life crisis' led her to train as a person-centred counsellor in the UK. At the same time she successfully lost 60 pounds while following the Cambridge meal replacement programme, combined with guidance sessions. Inspired by her personal achievements, she decided to set up Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong in order to help others to achieve their individual goals and regain their zest for life. Sarah believes that it's all about being a healthy weight and feeling great!
CompanyCambridge Weight Plan HK
IndustryDietician / Nutritionist, Health Centres,
Business InfoCambridge Weight Plan was developed in the early 1980s by Doctor Alan Howard, a research scientist at the University of Cambridge who developed an interest in overweight and obesity. It is a healthy alternative to dangerous diet fads. The meal replacements offer flexibility and a realistic diet plan for everyone. Cambridge Weight Plan products can be used alone for fast yet nutritionally safe weight loss, or combined with conventional food for more gradual weight loss. The products are also ideal for weight maintenance and nutritional supplementation. Sarah and her team of Cambridge Consultants provide complementary guidance sessions to support clients.
Address603 Printing House
6 Duddell Street
Central, Hong Kong
Work Number+852 2525 7165
Membership valid till2013-01-07
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